Novel high frequency magnetic devices

Magnetostatic waves called "spin waves" are excited when microwave fields are applied to electron spins in ferromagetic materials. We explore a novel information device utilizing the spin waves by theoretically and experimentally. One of the features of the spin waves are; 1) information transmission without electric charge tranfer, 2) phase information processes using Soliton wave, the features are considered to allow realization of a novel information device with ultimate power-saving and parallel operations.

Ultra high density magnetic recording using microwave assistance

Nowadays huge amount of information are stored in storage systems such as data center and home electrical appliances. The amount of information is predicted to considerably increase, that requires dramatic technical innovations in hard disk drives. Evolution of recording density and reduction of the energy for magnetic recording are essential for development of information recording thechnologies. Therefore, innovative recording methods are required for resolve a trilemma which consists of thermal stability, writability and high signal-to-noise ratio. We explore new recording technology utilizing synergic effects of 10 GHz order of microwave field and recording head field.

Computational science on micromagnetics